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Air Shows
Blue Angels Airshow, Marine Corp Air Station, Beaufort, SC, April 21, 2007

Edwards AFB Chase Planes

F-15, AF-76-132, Edwards AFB, 1995
F-16, AF-79-311, Edwards AFB, 1995
F-16, AF-81-0688, Edwards AFB, 1995
Edwards AFB Orange and White Paint Scheme Documentation Guide

Naval Fighter Weapons School Aggressor Aircraft
  F-16N, 163269-42, San Diego, CA Aerospace Museum, Gillespie Field, 1997

Korean War Era Aircraft
F-86, USAF 12897 (FU-897), “The Huff”
Navy TV-2, BuNo 131816, National Museum of Naval Aviation

Nonmilitary Aircraft
Learjet 60, N235FX, Wichita, Kansas, June, 1999

Other Interesting Aircraft

B-1, B-2, F-23, NASA F-18s and the Thunderbirds
Casa-101 Tandem Seat Jet Trainer And Attack Aircraft